Power of Love

Let’s accept this universal truth  – That one thing we all crave for all our life is to feel loved and valued.

You may have accumulated tons of money in multiple bank accounts, however, if you don’t feel loved, you are not going to enjoy the money. You can keep all your degrees, certificates and trophies in a cabinet. The question you must ask yourself is who really cares for you in your current life.

Since the existence of life on Earth, humans have found out ways and means to express love to fellow humans and other living beings.

Humans were meant to live by the side of nature – rivers, forests, wildlife. We have co-existed for many millennium through love and care for each other.

Love never hurts as people seem to think. It’s the lack of love. The feeling of being loved that was with you for a moment, that has been taken away without you knowing it.

Most people believe romantic love is the only form of love that exists. There is so much more to love than just romantic love. In the end, we all need someone in life who does not make you feel lonely.

Platonic love is the truest form of love.

Love is not just an exchange of few words straight from the internet. It’s a lifetime care and compassion not just for the lifetime partner but everyone around us.

Looking for that right person who fits your own criteria which is some creative soul’s imagination articulated in a work of fiction, isn’t going to work and isn’t what we actually need. That perfect person does not exist in this world.

Feeling loved boosts your self-esteem too. You can conquer the world when you feel loved.

Love can cure the worst disease affecting humanity – ‘loneliness’.  There is only cure for majority of mental illness plaguing the society today – ‘Love’.  If people showed care and compassion for others suffering depression, the illness can be treated sooner.

The feeling of love isn’t in the heart as some people think. It’s in the brain. However, the feeling love can strengthen our heart and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Lack of love creates hatred in society. Most distressing situations we face in our daily lives is because we don’t love each other. People are harsh towards strangers, either on the street or at work.

We must learn to love to create a compassionate society. Be there for each other, care for each other. We are the ones who will benefit.

Our mind must constantly have the feeling of love for another person – not jealousy, distrust or hatred.

Love heals our restless mind.

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