Words of Wisdom

Did I offer peace today ? Did I bring a smile to someone’s face ? Did I say words of healing ? Did I let go of my anger and resentment ? Did I love ? These are the real questions. I must trust that the little bit of love that I sow now will … More Words of Wisdom

Family comes first

People put so much time in building their career, trying to build wealth, that they forget that the most important people in their life with whom they should be spending their time is their own family. You can collect degrees, celebrate your promotion, travel the world, but there is nothing like spending quality time with … More Family comes first

The Power of Apology

One of the hardest acts for humans is to tender an unconditional apology to a person whom we hurt intentionally or unintentionally. The irony of life is that when people are younger, they would say ‘I’m sorry’ very easily, when parents tell¬†them to do so, even if the purpose of apologizing is not understood. During … More The Power of Apology

Power of Love

Let’s accept this universal truth ¬†– That one thing we all crave for all our life is to feel loved and valued. You may have accumulated tons of money in multiple bank accounts, however, if you don’t feel loved, you are not going to enjoy the money. You can keep all your degrees, certificates and … More Power of Love

Power of Forgiveness

If we were all charged an additional 5% tax for holding grudges against people who hurt us in our past life, then we would have all, in most likelihood, forgiven people in a hurry. I was researching on the reasons we love to hold grudges. I gather we love to hold grudges to make ourselves … More Power of Forgiveness

Sometimes you don’t need advice…Just a hug is enough.

Our world has never been short of people who have some brilliant advice for you, when your life isn’t really going too well. Surely, there are times you said to yourself ‘Let’s just meet up and exchange a long and heartfelt hug. I shall manage to come out of this mess on my own.’ However, … More Sometimes you don’t need advice…Just a hug is enough.