Why do co-passengers complain when a baby cries mid-flight ?

If you are a mother of  cute little babies or toddlers, you must be dreading travelling on a flight, apart from the crammed seats – you have this fear what if your baby cries uncontrollably mid-flight as your past experience was not a pleasant one.

You wish you never boarded the flight. Or, in worst case, you wished you didn’t have a baby.

I have been in this uncomfortable situation too, though I am a father, as I watched Aadarsh’s mum do all the hard work of keeping our son quiet, but I can feel for you, for what you must be going through on flights.

I have had this experience when a fellow passenger walked up to the air hostess asking her to speak to the mother to get the baby to put to sleep as he was being disturbed.

One of my ex-worker once whining about his bad experience on his return trip from a holiday, when he could not sleep all night on flight, because there was a baby around who did not stop crying and was least bothered about everyone’s sleep being disturbed.

Well ! If you are a mother and you are embarrassed what your co-passengers think, then there is no need to worry at all as to what others think. Because, they are expected to behave like grown ups and understand that babies cry for a reason and not for the fun of it.

You don’t have to be harsh on your little soul to make her keep quiet just to please your co-passengers. The passengers will get off after the flight. Your baby will stay with you. Be nice to her at all times.

Don’t even think of not travelling just because of the fear of your baby crying on flight. Let the complaining passengers fly another airline.

If you still feel guilty, just smile at these passengers and do a polite inquiry ‘Enjoying the movie ?’, when they show a grumpy face like an attention seeking toddler.

Unless these passengers landed on Earth on a parachute, they should know that they were babies too once upon a time. Maybe, if they had traveled with their mum, she would have reminded this co-passenger that her son was no different when he was in his diapers.

I remember reading on the news once that there was a brawl between a mother and a woman co-passenger on Air-China (I think – can’t remember). Maybe, she was not a mother yet. Or, she doesn’t have any plans to. Regardless, one is supposed to understand the reason behind babies discomfort on flight.

While take off and landing, there is a change in cabin pressure which is too uncomfortable for the tender ears of toddlers. They don’t know what is happening to them as the experience is new and poor little souls can’t express themselves.

Mum’s though must ensure though that toddlers have less meal on flight than they normally do. As the baby’s intestine gets bloated when they are at a high altitude which can cause discomfort.

Mother’s can also try handing over the baby to the father i.e. if he is travelling with you too. People are more sympathetic towards the father as the believe the baby is crying because the father is not too experienced in handling babies.

One couple tried something innovative. They got a pack of chocolates for any co-passenger who complained when their twins cried on flight. This gesture made the co-passenger blush with embarrassment.

Poor kids – I meant the grown up ones.

Enjoy your flight !



9 thoughts on “Why do co-passengers complain when a baby cries mid-flight ?

  1. This doesn’t just happen on flights. I remember when my daughter began crying on her first trip ever – from Mumbai to Pune in a train – two elderly ladies showed such displeasure that for over an hour we were standing in the passage trying to get her to quieten down. Seriously, such a lack of empathy really makes you wonder ‘what’s wrong with them?’.

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  2. “Poor kids – I meant the grown up ones.”

    Haha 🙂 Yes, only natural babies and kids cry. I don’t understand why people get so umperty about it, like you said, they were babies once upon a time, and other people had to put up with them!

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