Why you should smile more often ?

I was wondering is it because of technology that people don’t smile often as they should these days.

In the mad rush to get to (God knows where), you find men and women find it really awkward to smile.

If you are one of those who has a natural smile on your face, people look at you with suspicion. They might even ask you ‘Are you okay ?’

Before I can share with you why smiling is good for your health, please can I have a smile from you, like the way this man does.


Thank you for the smile!

I met the artist in the above photograph at Kala Ghoda Festival in Mumbai few years ago. More about that festival when I write about Mumbai.

Benefits of smiling and laughing you didn’t know:

You look attractive:  If you have a low self-esteem and you think people never complimented you for your looks, then one of the reason must be that you do not smile enough. Whatever is the situation in your life – just smile.  Because by not smiling, the problem is not going to go away. There is a likelihood when you smile, people may approach you and might even solve your problem.

You look and feel younger:  Not that your age should matter to anyone. Smiling does make you feel younger. When you feel younger, you are more enthusiastic to work on your life goals.

You confuse your critics: When people criticize you – just smile. It confuses them. When your critics know that their criticism will not affect you, they stop criticizing you.

You won’t feel lonely:  I know many like to have their alone time. I am one of them. However, they also secretly feel that someone approached them and listen to them. If you do not smile, nobody will approach you.

People forgive you easily: When you think you’ve made a mistake, then just an apologetic smile does the trick. Because ‘sorry’ is the hardest word to speak, a smile in such awkward moment helps ease the pressure.

Smile and share the smile.






34 thoughts on “Why you should smile more often ?

  1. I smile all the time when I am in public. I smile at people. I smile when I talk. I smile when I click selfies. But I look like a witch in private. Great post on smiling and a wonderful photo as usual.

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  2. nice pro-smiling post 🙂 my favourite was the ‘smile when someone criticises you’ – I will try this, as I’m sure it does send a positive message to my brain and a ‘I’m totally level’ message to the other person.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. M good, thanks 🙂 How you been? I was just reading your blog post about needing motivation to reach your goals and was nodding in agreement all the time. As much I love to write and learn better ways of expressing myself, I am just not putting enough efforts. So Starting today.. I am going to do that. Thanks for that post.

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