Having cheated death twice – I now know the purpose of my life.

7th July 2005 – London

My wife and myself lived in a flat in Southgate, North London.  I was deputed through an I.T. company to work for a client based in Oxford Circus. My wife worked for a recruitment agency in Aldgate.

We would usually take the Picaddilly line from Southgate and change at King Cross for the central line. That day, the tube was cancelled. We took the replacement service bus and reached work about 15 minutes late.

Later, we got to know through BBC news that there was a blast at King’s Cross station roughly at around 8:45 a.m.. There were many explosions later including Aldgate where my wife worked.

We survived to live longer. It was not that close, but could have been. Many did not make it. My prayers for their family and loved ones.

The next incident, seven years later, was a close call for me though.

30th August 2012 – Near Mangalore, India

I got down from a bus travelling from my home towards Mangalore for a wildlife photography shoot. I crossed the road and stood at the divider and stepped down on the road……3 hours later woke up in a hospital and survived with just a right leg fracture and a minor head injury.

I was in the hospital for 2 weeks and saw many worse accident cases around me.

My sister handed out a book to me while I was in hospital ‘You can heal your life’ by Louise Hay.

It could have been over had the car been driving 20 miles/hour faster than he was. That is when I wondered, there must be a reason God wants me to live longer.

I started researching about life, the purpose of life and why does one get another chance….That is when I accidentally bumped into Quora – a question and answer platform, where I was active until recently when I started blogging here.

On Quora, I discovered that many who have lost all hopes in their life posted questions such as ‘Why should I live ?’.

Many have written about their life’s challenges – cancer, depression, business failure, job loss, divorce and failure in exams.

Quora does a clever job of displaying suicide helpline contact details whenever people post questions that mentions ‘suicide’. However, not many use the service.

I have answered many questions and gave assurance to live on and asked them to get in touch with me if they wish to.

This is not a big deal at all. What does it really take for someone to hear out someone in distress ? Just a few minutes in a week ? Can’t we spend that much time for someone who just needs an assurance that they are not alone and life will get better with time.

You may reach out to me on Quora here

I have also learnt that once life got better for these people, they wouldn’t bother to get in touch with me. It is fine with me. I have accepted the fact that this is how life is. We are all humans and we reach out to people only when we are going through a rough patch. When life gets better, we forget those who were there for you, when you were in serious trouble.

Sometime last year, I met someone who explained to about  ‘Nam-myoho-renge-kyo’ – a powerful chant in buddhism for enlightenment. There is no magic here. Just a realization that we are all part of the universe connected in some way. We have our bad karma’s and good karma’s from past life.

Chanting ‘Nam-myoho-renge-kyo’ alleviates the bad karma and gives you more buddha wisdom and courage to deal with all problems in life.

I have found the purpose of my life. It is not just about pursuing my dreams.

It is about sharing wisdom, be there for people to hear them out. I am here to let people know that they have the wisdom and strength to solve their own problems just like I did.

By spreading the wisdom, I am alleviating my bad karma and inviting good karma.

I have found the purpose of my life.

I wrote this post last year and I shall continue with what I believe in this year too.

I also believe in practicing what I preach.

Have a great 2016.


48 thoughts on “Having cheated death twice – I now know the purpose of my life.

  1. Hello Sudhir, how are you? I am visiting now my friends here in blogosphere including you. I am glad you found your purpose, and that purpose I believe is what will really make you and any of us happy. 🙂 Keep the love and keep helping others, they may forget or appreciate you but our God will never will. Remember Jesus healed 10 lepers but only one came back to show gratitude, still it goes to show that there are still who appreciates whatever you do. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Shine. Your words were really soothing and something I needed today.
      Yes. I am doing this just for God who gave me another life. I am not after fame or money – just another life is the best gift I could ask for.
      I hope you are doing great and blessed. Keep in touch here when you feel low. Take care.

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      1. Yes Sudhir, we all should be thankful for another day in our life that God has bestowed upon us. I will keep in touch even if I don’t feel low as I like knowing people like you. If you also need anything, please just send a message. 🙂 Give my regards to your family! 🙂 God bless..

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  2. Sometimes a comment or response isn’t required, whether it be on Quora or, our blogs, or social media sites. Sometimes it’s enough, for someone in pain to know that; someone is out there reading….keep up the great posts.

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  3. Thanks Sudhir for stopping by and having a look at my blog! I just read this post of yours and i must say i enjoyed reading it ! So beautifully written:) God decided to keep u here for longer so that u can do ur bit for the world 🙂 Keep helping and inspiring those around u:) Stay blessed always!

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  4. True…, must say evn i hav been bad with people too who stood by my worst times…. But made sure dat m always around when they wer in trouble…. And about the Buddha Chant m gona try them and write on it someday… WAna clear my bad karmas tooo …. Thnk u… Your a Survivor!!!!

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    1. Glad you are doing this. Chanting every day is like sending a message to the universe. It is a process of self-realization and you walk on the right path. When you do good to others, you get it in return. All the best !
      Stay in touch ! A lot to share on this blog.

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    1. I surely will Shivangi…I chanted only for few months. Remember, I wrote earlier about not having friends.
      Recently, one of my school friend re-connected with me and added me to a watsapp group of my school friends from the late 80’s batch.
      They all know my story and willing to help me succeed.
      I am not sure if it is the power of Nam Myoho ..or pure co-incidence but then such co-incidences did not happen in the past.

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  5. I’m so glad that Death did not find you or your wife and hope that you are completely healed from your second accident. I too read Louise Hay, isn’t she amazing! Whenever my life becomes trying as it does for all of us, I listen to her on YouTube all day at work…her voice is so calming and reassuring. I’ve learned so much from her…if you have not, please also check out “Abraham-Hicks”, Esther Hicks, Louise references her and Abraham, I know you will find it fascinating. I love your pursuit and find it very inspirational, thank you! Have a tranquil day!! 🙂


    1. Yes indeed Deb…The accident was a jolt. I learnt it could be over in a second. It’s a pleasure to connect with you. Thank you for a long comment. Love reading them and getting to know people. This blog will be a busy one for the next couple of months. Stay tuned. Have a great Sunday !

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      1. I’m excited then and will definitely stay tuned. Hmmm is it Sunday where you are? It is Saturday morning here at 9:25, I always love to know the times and days of the people I connect with. I’m in the Northeast of the United States. Have a wonderful Sunday too!! 🙂


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