Are men better chefs than women ?

One of the stereotypes of our society that has been followed ever since humans came into existence on this planet is that women are meant to be in the kitchen.

Human evolution point of view, perhaps the reason is men went hunting for food, came back home tired, so women did the cooking.

But now, men no longer have to go hunting or fishing.

Few women would be pleased that this is one of the stereotype that has been broken as more and more men enter the kitchen to try their culinary skills not just to impress their partner.

While women’s cooking skills was never in doubt, restaurant and hotels mainly hire men as chefs. This maybe changing though.

When it comes to large scale cooking and working long hours (sometimes late into the night) in front of the stove, possibly men are more adept. However, there are many popular women chefs but they probably don’t work full time in a large restaurant.

So, I guess it’s not the question of who is better, but the constraint is working long hours, especially for women who have kids.

At home though, women love to be responsible to feed their family. They do it out of love and care.

Men may enter the kitchen to prove a point or just try something new.

Women love to follow the recipe line by line from the recipe book, while men will cook based on what ingredients is available in front of them. They call it ‘innovation’ but it does come out good most times. πŸ™‚

If women find it hard to get their hubby to cook once in a while, then should try the ‘praise formula’ Β – ‘Oh ! I did not know you are a wonderful cook.’ Β This worked for my wife. Any form of praise gives a lot of ego boost to men, especially who are not used to be being praised by their wife.

Sometimes, men take interest in cooking when there is no other choice, e.g. losing their life partner.

My father never knew how to make tea. But since my mother passed away, and while I used to work in the U.K, he learnt to cook and now he is a great cook.

Cooking is the best stress relief and married couples can take turns instead of eating out. It’s actually lot of fun cooking together.

In fact, nothing more romantic than watch a couple in the kitchen together – cooking, of course.

And, my next topic for research is ‘Why are stereotypes so hard to break in our society ?’

38 thoughts on “Are men better chefs than women ?

  1. That’s 100 % truth! I love cooking but I’m always concentrate on the recipes when my boyfriend can do delicious dinner of nothing without any doubt + he is fisherman ( hobby ) so i have to say : men your the best chefs! πŸ˜‰

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  2. I hate to say this but I think I agree ….hmmmmm maybe it’s because after all that ‘conditioning’ many women view cooking as a chore ….and likewise i.e re the ‘conditioning’ to stay OUT of the kitchen they are now going ‘way hey’ and enjoying themselves :D:D

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      1. I feel the younger generation won’t mind. It was our parent’s generation that there was this stereotype and men would be laughed at if they cooked and they would blame the women for allowing their man to cook. But now life is changing.

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  3. Yes , have to agree. While I do most of the cooking it’s fun when we do it together. And sometimes he’ll take over completely and make the best Thai curries. I have no complaints in the kitchen!

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  4. As you rightly said that… women love to cook for the family and they do it out of love and care… this however has become a stereotype that only women should cook and that if a girl does not know how to cook she is not a good wife material…. I mean how is this concept even in existence, I fail to understand! looking forward to your next topic though πŸ™‚

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    1. Indeed Shipra. …What is more frustrating is that men believe cooking is a good wife material. Shouldn’t men look for someone who is compassionate. That is what I did. Cooking is a skill that can be learnt when the need arises. There are lots of stereotypes in our society that needs changing. Will cover a few. Thanks for your comment.

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  5. Hmm i dont agree with women needing to cook line by line from a recipee. Im a chef and a woman and the recipees on my blog i made up with just basic measurments and feel out the rest. Being able to whip someyhing up come from practice and care. Although working in a kichen it is a high percentage of men but the women i work with are equally talented.

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  6. Well, I’m just a 17 years old lad(I mean I’m literally not someone’s husband! Lol). And I really enjoyed this one being a cook myself! I have been cooking since I was a little kid. And I know that feeling inside that kitchen.

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  7. Cooking is so wonderful – you get exactly what you want & you know exactly what’s in it! Regardless of who does it, I sincerely believe that the love that goes into food is important too. Great post πŸ™‚

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