Your search for inspiration ends here …

Perhaps, there are very few in the world, who refuse to admit failure despite life’s challenges.

A man who quit his well-paying corporate career, like many in the world, to pursue his passion, not knowing what life had in store ahead of him.

An adventure that taught few lessons in the process – about humans, relationships and the challenges of an entrepreneur pursuing a dream. The lessons must be shared with the world – for anyone pursuing his dream whether a business, education or any life goals.

You only look back to learn from your mistakes. If you fall, you must rise again on your own.



Your age or gender doesn’t matter – it’s never too late to pursue your childhood dream.

Every soul who pursues their dream must also know that life isn’t worth it until you lose it all and win them back again. Nothing in this life is easy – everything happens in your life for a reason.

I am here to remind you, that you are not a failure. Your life’s journey has just begun.