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Back in the late 80’s, while I pursued my graduation, I worked as a part-time sales executive for ‘”World Book Encyclopedia”.


Greetings !

My name is Sudhir Suvarna and I am the founder of Suvarna Academy.


Career in Technology








223 thoughts on “Founder

  1. Best Bio ever is see… Very inspirational…I was born in Aries too.. πŸ™‚ I too not give up in failures… Hope its true… πŸ™‚ All the best for your future…:-)

    I tried to connect using fb link, but its deactivated…


  2. Wow you are my first “high profile” follower! Thankyou so much for liking and following my blog. I do admire the way you write and your aim share all the knowledge you’ve accumulated through the years. Will keep tabs your inspirational pieces! Take care. πŸ™‚


    1. Hey… I look forward to your posts and am an ordinary blogger sharing thoughts πŸ™‚
      The next couple of months will be busy one on this blog as I share a lot of visual stories which will be all educational material. I hope to have lot more interactions with you.


  3. Hello Sudhir,
    Thanks a lot for the follow on my blog. Apologies for the late reply. Terrific bio here and an equally awe-inspiring never-say-die spirit. All the best for your ventures.
    God bless. πŸ™‚

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  4. Thanks for your compliments sir.Very Happy to see that we both hail from the same job sector and most importantly the way you handles your life despite the struggles gives me a true inspiration to move ahead with my life with confidence..There is lot common with our lives..I too share a “never give up” attitude and follow an “always smile and move ahead” mode …The Best Profile i have seen ..have a nice day …sir and continue inspiring others..:)

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    1. I will surely look forward to regular interaction with you. After a year of blogging, was losing interest because of lack of encouragement as I write about issues we face in real life that needs a fresh perspective to resolve them.

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  5. That’s quite a journey you’ve been on. And you have come out smiling and motivated at the end of it all ! That takes resilience and courage. Wishing you a life filled with love, laughter, happiness.
    I am delighted to find that you are following my blog. Thank you !

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  6. Hi Sudhir,

    It’s such a delight reading the experiences and lessons you have shared.I wish you all the best.

    Would love to refer it to my friends.

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  7. It’s been great following your posts. Thanks so much for following mine.
    My website has moved and I’d love to keep you as a reader.
    Could you subscribe to my new mailing list at the following link:

    Hope to stay in touch,
    Anne Skyvington

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  8. Sir I would like to know how Suvarna Venture working on wildlife with Prakash Raj sir, please can you send me some details about the activities… πŸ™
    Awaiting for your reply sir
    Laxman Gouda


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