Power of Music



Who doesn’t love to watch movies ? Or, listen to music ?

One of the most important elements of a well made movie is the background score. At times, when the actors have not spoken a word, the scene is filled with a background music that evokes emotions that could be either fun, scary, emotional or a tense moment.

Very few people even notice this aspect of movie. If people feel varied emotions in a couple of hours, it’s because the back ground music plays a major role other than the actor’s expression.

Funny scenes evoke a lot of laughter because of the funny sounding background music more than the actual scene.

My brain memory usage: 5% names of family and friends, 5% – work related – 90% music

There are different musical instruments used to evoke different types of emotions. Violins are usually used for emotionally charged scenes. Piano’s are used for haunting night shots to evoke a scary emotion.

But all this tells us something significant. Music has a profound impact on our emotions.

What this means is when we are not in the happiest of moments, we must listen to music to boost our mood.

Music is beneficial not only for grown ups but also the development of unborn babies. Pregnant women must listen to music extensively as babies who listen to music while they are in the womb were advanced in terms of intellectual development.

Young babies love the sound of music. It is essential for the mental growth and development.

If you are asked to think of your favorite song that you heard a decade ago, you will most likely not only recall the song, but all the events that happened when you heard that song e.g. if you heard that song while you were on a long drive with university friends.

Couples must decide on a song they both love so that they can listen to the song few years later when they go through a rough patch in their relationship.

Research has proven that music is the best non-medication based therapy for depression. People suffering from depression must listen to the light instrumental or classical music and not the hard rock stuff.

I met this beautiful woman playing the violin near London Eye. Couldn’t capture the sound though. She played some spectacular violin.




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