The top secrets for a long and happy married life your grand mum never told you


For majority of us, other than settling down with a home, our top priority in life is to have a life long companion.

Today, a major challenge for most couples is surviving the ups and downs of a marriage. The past few decades has witnessed many break-ups. Perhaps, there were fewer such cases until few decades ago, when it was assumed relationships were meant for a life time.

Below could be possible few reasons why relationships survived for a long term:

Back then, couples  did not have to depend on technology to communicate to each other. They would wait for either of the spouse to return have a good evening conversation about how they spent their entire day.

They ate healthy food all the time. Healthy food helps maintain  good mood and a healthy lifestyle . Eating healthy helps you to think more clearly and resolve stress better.

They did not have to waste time on social media then simply because social media wasn’t around then. They knew the people personally and meet them in real over coffee. After dinner, they would listen to some light music on radio and rock-n-roll.

Even in their 70’s, they held each other’s hand when they went for their morning walk in the park. They were never shy that other’s were watching them. Holding hands together strengthens the bond for a lifetime. Holding each other’s hands in every walk of life is what couples must do all the time – until God chooses a different path for them.

They had their ups and downs too but they were determined to resolve each other’s differences instead of walking out of a relationship for trivial matters.

They have gone through hardships through out their life together. They supported each other at times of adversity. They have sold their home, slept on streets, ate meal just once a day and made many sacrifices so that your parents have a comfortable childhood and upbringing.

There is a lot we can learn from our grand mum.


10 thoughts on “The top secrets for a long and happy married life your grand mum never told you

  1. There is a lot we can learn from grandparents. Attitude towards each other, respect, fidelity, loyalty, and compromise are all elements of a sound relationship. Holding hands is a beautiful gesture. After almost 30 years of marriage, we still do.

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  2. Great post, I met my second husband later in life and now I can truly say I want to grow old with this man. I think it’s the sweetest thing to see an old couple walking on the streets holding hands, and I’m always thinking I want that too.

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  3. Relationships thrived in the past also because of socio-economic conditions, the authority of elders, the joint family system, people’s greater need for one another, and religious causes. Great post … I like the clear and concise way you put across your point. 🙂

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  4. Earlier people had patience and bothered to tolerate each other. Now we look for our comfort first and later for other family members while it was other way round earlier. You have very well said that we have so much to learn from our grandparents.

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