How does one feel motivated to pursue one’s dream ?

Suvarna Academy

We have always been driven all our life by our internal deadlines.

Education by 20, marriage by 30, own a home by 40 etc.

And then consider ourselves as a failure, if we did not achieve our goals as per those deadlines.

Instead, have a goal but never give up. No matter how long it takes. Pursue one goal and ensure you achieve them before you move on to the next one.

I started on my 1st business venture at 38. I feel motivated because I feel I am better off than people who never started at all. I took more than 6 months to decide and then I said ‘Enough of waiting…I will have a go’.

We procrastinate because we get overwhelmed, with too many things to be done, fear of failure etc. and it is  part of the journey.  It is perfectly fine. We are humans after all.

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