The top secrets for a long and happy married life your grand mum never told you

Suvarna Academy


For majority of us, other than settling down with a home, our top priority in life is to have a life long companion.

Today, a major challenge for most couples is surviving the ups and downs of a marriage. The past few decades has witnessed many break-ups. Perhaps, there were fewer such cases until few decades ago, when it was assumed relationships were meant for a life time.

Below could be possible few reasons why relationships survived for a long term:

Back then, couples  did not have to depend on technology to communicate to each other. They would wait for either of the spouse to return have a good evening conversation about how they spent their entire day.

They ate healthy food all the time. Healthy food helps maintain  good mood and a healthy lifestyle . Eating healthy helps you to think more clearly and resolve stress better.

They did…

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