When everything falls apart….remember, everything happens for a reason.

Suvarna Academy

If everything in life went according to a plan, then majority of us would have been bored to death.

During my employment, I had one of a colleague tell me every morning ‘Have a fun filled day, Sudhir’. Both of us would laugh when we had our morning tea together.

That would be the last time we laughed for the entire day. Because our job in Information Technology was always fire fighting. Every time anything was broken, there would be huge drama even for trivial issues.

I wondered sometimes, whether people really understand what life is about ?

Most people want everything in life to go as per plan. However, God has his own plans. It only makes sense years later.

We are at his mercy. He decides how you live your life. It doesn’t matter if people keep debating about his existence.

He never promised anyone that life will always…

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3 thoughts on “When everything falls apart….remember, everything happens for a reason.

  1. I also work in IT so I have had my share of huge dramas.lol. Sometimes after a 12 hr shift trying to resolve something, I also think that, is this really what life’s about?but then you know, a job’s a job and I felt happy feeling that I was part of something important. Maybe in this perspective that’s what life’s about 🙂


    1. Abi..tell me about it…There will be at least 10 more posts on life in IT….Will share with you. Satisfaction is what we believe in. Customers in IT never seem to be satisfied even if you deliver 100 projects in a year.

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