Why I prefer comments more than likes ?

It’s simple.

When you comment, I know what you are thinking and what I wrote made sense.




25 thoughts on “Why I prefer comments more than likes ?

      1. That’s very true of course, it’s hard to notice unless you’re visiting your page every minute. I try to catch up in my blog reading towards the end of my week when things are slowing down.


    1. I know Linda…for me, it’s an opportunity to have an interaction with people. The purpose of my blog is to have meaningful interaction rather than just have likes for the sake of it. Thank you for your comment and have a great Sunday, Linda !

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      1. I’ve met so many people through my blog – from all over the world – I can’t think of a better way to meet such great people! Hope you have a great Sunday as well 🙂

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      2. Hi Linda.. I have few photography tips to share with you. You have a great eye for food photography. I suggest keep the food near the window…window lighting is best for food photography even if you click just one side. I loved your food blog.

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  1. Great one , Sudhir..since you touched this topic – 70% of the time I “like” the post only if I have read it , and mostly I add the comments too :). 15% are because of the photographs in the post that I would have loved and for that I would have liked the post. The remaining likes are for me to read them later when I check them on my activity dashboard. Those would be the posts that had interesting title/content/photo… But you are right. Comments do make the connection lot better than mere likes.

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  2. When I was new to blogging, I was wary of commenting at first, so I just used to “like” a post if I liked it. But, that’s changed now and it has definitely helped build some great WordPress friendships! And now, my first reaction to your post was, “Who doesn’t?” 🙂
    Happy blogging!

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