Easy to say ‘Never give up’ – Hard not to

Suvarna Academy

I must have read almost 1/3rd  of all the motivational websites on the internet that motivates you not to give up on your dreams.

I wondered what does it take to write a 500-word posts on why you should not give up – a laptop and someone who has great writing skills.

Thomas Edison is a famous example for all inspirational posts. They tell you how he tried 10,000 times until he got it right. How many would have remembered Edison had he never succeeded ?

How does it feel for someone to go through the journey of uncertainty, hopelessness, adversity, pain and loneliness ?

One should ask those who are going through that journey. But who would spend a moment to talk to people who just need that little bit of support to keep going ?

Our society chases celebrities and successful people. When an entrepreneur succeeds, it’s not only media…

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