Hitting rock bottom – Why J.K. Rowling inspires me more than anyone else on earth ?

J.K. Rowling inspires me not for the success she enjoys today, but for bouncing back from rock bottom despite her battles with clinical depression – and that must have been a huge mountain to climb.

It surely was not a fairy tale rise to fame as media have projected. Just thinking about what she must have gone through to write a book in the midst of the deep struggle with her own mind is an inspiration itself.

Her rise from impoverished single mother to her current net worth of 500+ million pounds will be an inspiration for many writers. Hitting rock bottom laid a solid foundation for her life.

I haven’t even read the book she wrote that went on to become the most popular book of our lifetime. Neither have I watched the movie.

I am not a writer and I do not aim to be one. But there is something about J.K. Rowling being a creative person with depression which psychologist are trying to understand the link between creativity and depression. And we know she was not alone.

It is possible a creative person’s brain works overtime or maybe they choose to go about doing their job in isolation and cut off from the world.

Creative people try to ruminate a lot. They think over and over again about an event that happened in their life. Thinking of an unpleasant event also gets repeated inside their head.

Or perhaps because creative people want their work to be better than the rest. Maybe they try too hard to be perfect. When they come out of depression, their motivation level is as high as deep was their depression.

It is also said that people who come out of depression, come out stronger. They try to improve their work and get better every day. They truly work hard on it. The process itself causes them to isolate from the society and they tend to live alone and want to live alone.

J.K. Rowling is Leo – a fire sign – fearless, charismatic and powerful. ย Sheย is a strong believer in astrology too. Her characters in her best seller also have birth date and characteristic traits matching their zodiacs.

I am sure there are many J.K. Rowling’s out there who are going through the struggle similar to what she had to face. Unless they succeed, we won’t know about them. I wish them success.

I am planning to read her latest book ย ‘Very Good Lives’ – that describes her failure. She is truly an inspiration for people to bounce back in life after hitting rock bottom.


27 thoughts on “Hitting rock bottom – Why J.K. Rowling inspires me more than anyone else on earth ?

  1. Depression, I think, has no cure … You have to learn to live with it. And when ” she” gives you a break (and this is one of the days that you do not have to fight), then you go for life with strenght …. Savoring what you have good, creating new things … Why we know that she will come back and we need be prepared….

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  2. So many creative people suffer silently but come up with some brilliant works. The Great Artists books outline the lives of truly talented people who went through depression. Their works were masterpieces and are studied even today. I so agree with what you have written.

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  3. I have read all the Potter books…and when I read them I thought – My God, what creativity!! You say that she has come out with another one, well, thats a great news indeed. Very good post Sudhir, I believe that depression always comes in life for a good purpose. And it leaves too one day… All of a sudden! Happy writing !

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  4. Depression actually helped her write a more convincing story line.Because the pain of each character was synonymous with her own feelings.
    Apart from being creative she is also very bright.How each and every book is so well connected,till today I’ve never heard about her having made even the minutest mistake.
    But yes,she has given us all an example that even in your worst of times,we shouldn’t forget to switch on the lights ๐Ÿ™‚ (Similar to one of her quotes from the book)

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