When everything falls apart….remember, everything happens for a reason.

If everything in life went according to a plan, then majority of us would have been bored to death.

During my employment, I had one of a colleague tell me every morning ‘Have a fun filled day, Sudhir’. Both of us would laugh when we had our morning tea together.

That would be the last time we laughed for the entire day. Because our job in Information Technology was always fire fighting. Every time anything was broken, there would be huge drama even for trivial issues.

I wondered sometimes, whether people really understand what life is about ?

Most people want everything in life to go as per plan. However, God has his own plans. It only makes sense years later.

We are at his mercy. He decides how you live your life. It doesn’t matter if people keep debating about his existence.

He never promised anyone that life will always be easy. He also knows that humans are selfish. When everything goes well for them, they do not remember him. He has observed humans for centuries. Hence, he decided that the only way human race will keep him in his memory is to keep giving the troubles all their life.

Why do you think humans who are the only living beings who have different emotions ?

We have a wide variety of emotions – ranging from happiness to sadness to anger. And all of that can be experienced in a single day.

When everything falls apart, remember it is his script and we are just actors. Have patience.

The ending will always be a happy one. Tomorrow will be a better day.


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