What is MGTOW all about ?

MGTOW (Men Go Their Own Way) has been around for a long time. It’s just that it was not popular and people did not understand the true meaning. It’s only getting traction in the past few months.

In the wake of #Metoo, the reason why men are going MGTOW is now becoming clear, they are staying away from women in the workplace, many are not even hiring women, and few do not wish to form any relationship with women even at a level of friendship.

In this post, I share my understanding of MGTOW, based on reading comments and watching YouTube videos, in the most simplistic way possible. My interest of topic for research and blogging has been workplace and education issues.

This is a complex topic to be shared in a single post. I shall share more articles on this topic, in the coming weeks.

MGTOW men have lived the trauma of their family falling apart, and now find these radical feminists are after their career, reputation, and livelihood, just to get ahead on their career ladder. Many have had to endure the shame of false accusations of harassment.

As a fallout, in the workplaces, men do not wish to have a one-on-one or meetings in private any more or even travel together for work. Even before the #Metoo picked momentum, there was a hidden agenda to topple men from their positions in workplaces. It’s just that it never got reported. #Metoo has now become a game. More on this topic in my next post.

MGTOW is not about a teenage boy sulking after rejection while dating.

Majority of these MGTOW men are past their 40’s, who were in a relationship for more than 15-20 years and are now homeless. The legal system, anywhere in the world, does not support men.


Unlike #Metoo, which is now more about witch hunting to eliminate work rivals, and, shaming men on social platforms, for a dating experience gone wrong, MGTOW men are just staying away from women. They have logged off from social media.

So now, men can be accused as sexual predator, just for a comment e.g ‘hugs’ as it happened on a professional network like LinkedIn. Luckily, for that man who posted that comment, the original poster, a women, has defended him and many other sensible women have spoken in his defense.

A lot of people have their own definition on MGTOW. Reddit and Quora have few threads on MGTOW.

If you really want to know MGTOW is all about, one must read the comments  on YouTube from ‘real’ men. Quite a few men have written their heart breaking story.

Some of the comments from men who have lost their home, life savings, child custody etc and the hell they went through will give you goose bumps.

MGTOW men believe they had enough and are now re-building their life all by themselves. A lot of men now feel, women are not worth the drama. In the past, men would seek women’s support during difficult times, but now, they are finding strength from within.

MGTOW men are also suggesting segregation in schools and workplaces – in the  interest of safety of young teens and those who are vulnerable in workplaces.

MGTOW is unlikely to be as popular as feminism, as there is no support from brands or media, or even most men, but apart from the U.S., it is already gaining traction in Britain, Israel,  Australia ( TGTOW – even teens are going their own way), and many other countries.

Ironically, you will now find few women speaking up for men on YouTube, who think the #Metoo and the feminism movement has gone too far, and they have also explained in their own videos, why they are not feminists any more. These women are getting their due respect from MGTOW men.

So, it is quite clear, MGTOW is not about bashing women, like the way third wave feminism does to men.

In my next post, I shall share my take on a TEDx talk where Cassie Jaye shares her journey in the making of a documentary – ‘The Red Pill’.

7 thoughts on “What is MGTOW all about ?

  1. Sudhir, I guess this is another side of the story. It’s absolutely true that the entire legal system supports women as the traditional view is that men are the oppressors and women is the victim. There is no exception to this thought and which explains why men become the victim of the “system” itself. It’s good to see you come up with this post and highlighting this problem.

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    1. Thanks Arv. I was waiting for your comment.
      It took me a lot of time to reflect on what happened while I worked in the UK. Women who bully go undetected, just because of their gender and they are trusted more than men.
      I observed many of the negative feedback are given by women (clients) to men in a typical IT scenario.


      1. Sudhir, of late many women have abused law and privileges. Look at the abuse of dowry and rape cases. It’s always great to interact with you, Sudhir 😃

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  2. If you look into the history of ‘anti-feminism’, you will find that ‘anti-feminism’ only appeared within the last five years or so — the same time period when the excesses of feminism were finally starting to inconvenience/harm Western women because (as an instance) men in greater numbers were refusing to marry/remarry (the “marriage strike”) or even date or interact with women (thus depriving women of free dinners, drinks, and entertainment).
    In addition, these ‘anti-feminists’ are showing themselves to be in reality just ‘stealth feminists’ who want to cherry-pick the aspects of feminism for themselves, while maintaining a facade of plausible deniability of their actual support of feminism for their benefit. For example, they decry the injustice and anti-male bias of the Family Court system, while actually doing NOTHING to change any of its excesses.
    In short, this ‘anti-feminism’ is nothing but talk, talk, talk.


    1. Thank you for your comment. I have been watching a lot of Youtube on this topic, where there is an active discussion. Men are refuring to hire women after the Metoo thing. Our scoiety in general favors women – who are considered right. I am planning to publish another post on ‘Why workplace bullying is worse than harassment’. My experience in the UK gave me an indication that women are only after power without the responsibility and maturity. Do search for ‘Meeting the Enemy’ on Youtube and read the comments. Men have spoken finally.


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