The importance of good morning texts

Suvarna Ventures

My first task after I wake up in the morning is to forward a beautiful ‘Good morning’ message I receive on my Whatsapp, forwarded by my sister.

It takes me not more than 2 minutes. And, then I head on to the kitchen to make tea for my father and myself who wakes up much earlier than me.

With Whatsapp, it’s so easy to forward an image in just 2-3 seconds to at least 15-20 people. Few of the recipients respond, few later in the day with a ‘Good evening’ message, but quite a few people just don’t care.

The few who don’t care to respond, I guess, believe that I have nothing better to do in my life.

I always wondered whether I am the only one who thinks receiving a ‘Good morning’ text makes me feel good for the entire day.

We all know each one of us on…

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