Power of Gaslighting

Gaslighting is a form of psychological abuse where the target is made to doubt their sanity and dignity

In romantic relationships, the abusive partner challenges the target’s thoughts ‘You are imagining things.’ ‘I told you, you need a mental check up’.

This drives the target insane for a long period of time. The target feels worthless, constantly apologizes to the abusive partner. The target often feels confused and crazy.

If you did not believe in the power of words, then here is one example where the damage is long term, psychological and very painful.

In the real world, people may be oblivious how their words impact others. However, there are narcissists, manipulative people out there who do this on purpose.

It is a very slow process. They do this one day at a time. More the target shows vulnerability and has a self-doubt, more they seek sadistic pleasure in seeing their target in pain and confusion.

Gaslight is a 1944 movie.

Gaslighting is a also a form of  workplace bullying…

Will update this post tomorrow with my experience of being gas lighted at work few years ago.


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