Family comes first

People put so much time in building their career, trying to build wealth, that they forget that the most important people in their life with whom they should be spending their time is their own family.

You can collect degrees, celebrate your promotion, travel the world, but there is nothing like spending quality time with your family. You don’t really have to be on top of Eiffel tower. A trip to the local park, with some sandwiches and crisps and few games to play with lots of laughter is all that you need in life.

A lot of people dream of being rich. But they realize later that the sacrifices they made to become rich and their growing bank balance will not ensure happiness in the end. If happiness is not your ultimate goal, then you should re-think the purpose of your life.

You could live in a 1 bed rented flat and still be happy if your family is with you and loves you.

If you are married, and you are having two thoughts whether to have a child or not,  let me assure you, having a child is the best decision you would have made all your life. Without the new soul, your family is incomplete. The baby is the best stress buster you could have ever hoped for.

Unless there is a lot of noise at home, you will feel a lot of emptiness in your life.

In our busy life, we often forget that parents are growing older every year and one fine day, all of a sudden, they are not around. You have this regret for the rest of the life that you should have made that one last phone call to your mum.

There will be arguments in a family, but when the weekend arrives, you forget everything and go out and watch a movie.

No one else can be your best friend, other than your life partner. You will realize this truth, sooner or later. So, better learn to resolve any unresolved issues as soon as you can.

Your family are the only people who give you unconditional love and accept you despite your flaws. Most people tend to seek approval from people who don’t matter, but they do not realize that the only people who matter are their family members.

It doesn’t matter what you are going through, your family will be there through thick and thin.

Family is a gift from God and blessed are those who live together under one roof.


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