Fair weather friends

We all agree that it is best to have few loyal friends instead of hundreds of friends, for whom you are just a number.

Anyone who has spent few decades here on this planet, and has experience of interacting with wide variety of people, would tell you, choose your friends carefully. Because, most people have had some bad experience in the past with friends who

First and foremost, people do not understand that not everyone is your friend. Just because people hang out with you, doesn’t mean they have an obligation to be with you when life isn’t hunky dory for you. Let’s accept this harsh truth of life.

During good times, it is difficult to predict who will stay with you during tough times, unless you are actually in tough situation.

A common mistake people make is, after few bad experiences of friends dumping them when they needed most, they become weary of making new friends believing they are all the same.

Well ! This is life. Nobody has any obligation to be there for others. Only few will stick with you in rough times. As I mentioned in several of my blog posts, humans can change if we want to, but people are adamant, they won’t. So, we are where are are. Live with it.

If you set clear expectations with yourself that no one will be around when you are in trouble, then you should do okay. You shouldn’t stop befriending new people.

During rough weather, you can count the number of people besides you. You must have gratitude for such all weather people for the rest of your life.

Image courtesy: Suvarna Ventures


When you spend long hours at work, and form bond with colleagues for many years, you tend to think they will be around, at least the time when you need them most. You have lunch, office parties and work as a team.

Just wait until you are told, you have been made redundant.

The irony is that people have been talking about how selfish co-workers and friends can become and how they show their true colors when you need them the most. What people won’t tell you is they do the same with others.

We all want to change the world – a compassionate society.  But we continue doing the same thing over and over again.

Let’s change ourselves first and lead by example.


Blood is thicker than water

For some reason, we tend to give less importance to our siblings, especially when we have found our life partner.

We may have had a lot of fights (not just the pillow fights) in childhood and continue even during adulthood, but the truth is, when you get hospitalized for an illness, there is a 9 out of 10 possibility that your sibling will look after you and stay in the hospital overnight until you are discharged.

Your friends  may or may not stay over – but they will surely send you a ‘Get well soon’ text message.

It is important for us to recognize who stays with us during difficult times and who exists only for pure entertainment and set expectations accordingly.

One needs different friends for different seasons and each one of them has a different role to play.

If  we wish to have an all weather friend, then we must try and be one.


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