The Destructive Power of Hate

Humans are strange. They go to any extent to self-destruct and later spend ton loads of money to resurrect themselves.

The most important aspect of our emotional well being is managing our own emotions. The rest takes care of itself.

You often hear these words spoken without a thought ‘I hate him’. ‘I hate her for saying that’. Well ! Whatever was said or done is past, hating someone is an emotion inside your own head.

To simplify matters of our brain, whatever emotion you evoke more often is what dictates what happens in your life and people around you.

So many people,write about hating their ex.  So what was the reason you hate ? Your ex loved someone else more than you. What was the reason behind it ? Find out ways you can improve and maintain the relationship better next time. Hating someone is not going to solve the problem. You are likely to mess around with your next relationship or upset anyone who cares about you.

People are as imperfect and insecure as you. Never hate someone for being very much like you.

Hating a job that earns your bread and butter isn’t going to help. Bear in mind, there are millions who are jobless who will sacrifice everything for the job you have at the moment.

Do you hate people for belonging to a particular religion ? People just need to grow up. One got to realize there are good, bad and the ugly in every religion. Just because everyone else is hating one particular religion for no reason, doesn’t mean you should too.

If you look for the good in others, you will find good people around.

I have made an observation being a member of many online forums, where people are obsessed in hating certain political leaders. It has become a favorite pass time. Thing is, you hating someone is not going to change the person. You know who I am talking about. People waste time in unnecessary hating that they tend to ignore people they should care about.

There are good personalities who spread the message of love and peace. If you follow them and be like them, there is a high likelihood that you will know peace yourself.

So, when people are advised to evoke emotion of love, there is some truth in it.

The emotion of love is a positive, feel good emotion that reflects in your thoughts and as a consequence you speak positive words to people around. You then spread positive vibes.

I keep reminding in many of my posts, ‘love’ is not the romantic feeling people normally associate with. Love is how you feel about others around you. If you feel positive about yourself, you will think positive about others too.

People who hate, also lack empathy, full of criticism, constant nit-picking and making life of everyone around them miserable.

‘Hate’ is a very strong word. If you understand the ‘power of words’, you should know mentioning that word ‘hate’ itself  drains your own energy.

Think, speak and spread positive words – Always !!!


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