5 Compliments to make someone’s day !

These days people don’t even ask you in return when you inquire about them ‘How are you doing ?’

Nevertheless, you don’t have to be one of them.

Apparently, people who cannot accept compliments seems to have low self-esteem. So, better learn to boost your self-esteem and accept compliments gracefully and be ready with something kind in return.

Compliments need not be given just to your romantic interest or close friends. You can give compliments to anyone you meet in real life or online.

It does not only make their day, but your day too. If you really wish people like you, then better learn to compliment them. Don’t be so self-absorbed all the time. You must expect compliments too, but learn to give first.

Here are 5 of my favorites to make someone feel special:

  1. You’re an awesome human being.
  2. You are better than ‘Ben and Jerry’s’ chocolate ice-cream.
  3.  You bring a positive influence in my life.
  4. You look great when you smile.
  5. You’re inspiring.

Compliment 5 people a day for a healthy and positive life and a healthy boost to your self esteem.



8 thoughts on “5 Compliments to make someone’s day !

  1. I alway’$ compliment people because it make’$ me feel good & 4 what iz worth it make’$ them feel good & put a smile on there face if & a nother thing i love making people laught it make’$ me feel good 😃😃

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