Snapchat Uninstalled

Just in case you had switched off your mobile phone over the long weekend, and you were not in touch with social media, apparently, an ex-employee of Snapchat revealed that the CEO of Snapchat once considered India a poor country and wouldn’t expand Snapchat user base in India. This comment was later denied.

As a consequence, majority of Indians who were using Snapchat were outraged (Indians get outraged about some issue every alternate days anyway) and have uninstalled Snapchat and also gave the app a poor rating. Did anyone care ?

I am sincerely hoping CEO’s of Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and all apps make some similar comments so that all communication apps get uninstalled as well.

Just so that people go back to the days, where we picked up the phone and talked for few minutes. It’s always nice to hear the ‘real’ voice instead of chatting on mobile.

For the past half decade, wherever I go, I see people with their head down and fiddling with their mobile phone. People don’t even notice anyone standing next to them.

Too much of text chatting is one of the reason people have become socially awkward and just can’t connect with another person (even their spouse) these days.

The obsession about selfies deserves another long post.

Hopefully, very soon, the good old days will be back when my friends, cousins and relatives will pick up their phone and call me to listen to my ‘golden’ voice.

Hope you had a great Easter Sunday !


5 thoughts on “Snapchat Uninstalled

  1. It’s a bit sad isn’t it? That we don’t communicate as much in the traditional way as we use to. I can’t help but laugh a bit when I see people on the street so engrossed into their phone while they’re walking, don’t know how they do it. Once on the street I saw a woman coming towards me, she had her face down at her phone and here I thought…lets make a test…so I actually stopped just infront of her…and she eventually looked up and said…oh, sorry…! thought it was a bit funny, but sadly that is how the world has become with all the new technology…

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