Sometimes you don’t need advice…Just a hug is enough.

Our world has never been short of people who have some brilliant advice for you, when your life isn’t really going too well.

Surely, there are times you said to yourself ‘Let’s just meet up and exchange a long and heartfelt hug. I shall manage to come out of this mess on my own.’

However, you discover that in this busy world, all you get is cliched advice that never worked, few forwarded quotes and memes and some silly emoji’s to make you even more irritated that you feel like throwing your mobile out of the window.

So, people can write letters, talk to you on the phone for hours, but those empty words won’t make any difference to you.

There is nothing in this world that can substitute a hug, because hug is God’s medicine not only for humans but all living beings. When we appreciate God’s way of living and be kind to each other, then we will experience a lot less stress anyway.

There is a lot that a hug will tell you about the person. If you can feel the hug, you know that person really cares.

While animals love to cuddle with each other without inhibition, most humans ( believe any form of touch is only sexual in nature) get weary and are less likely to experience the benefits of touch.

If you experience any problems in relationships, then nothing better than a hug. No one has ever had any arguments after a hug. Saves a lot of energy.

A hug is the best treatment for depression too.

Kids must definitely receive a hug from their parents on daily basis.

So, why don’t people make hug a daily habit ? Only God knows !


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