‘Busy’ is a negative word

It’s almost become a habit and a matter of pride for people to say they are ‘Busy’ when inquired ‘How are you doing ?’

I know we are all meant to be busy, making this world a better place.

Fair enough !

But not many people realize, busy is not an ’emotion’ to define how they are feeling. You could either be ‘happy’, ‘stressed’ or ‘anxious’.

Also, it makes other person feel as if they have lot of spare time. It could end up being humiliating for the person to even have thought of asking someone how they are doing.

I have never responded to people saying ‘I am busy’. It disconnects people. Even if someone called me at midnight, I can afford to sleep half hour later, but that conversation is important for me. Because, rarely people bother to inquire about each other these days.

The word ‘Busy’ also means you are not enjoying life, or whatever you have been doing.

I work 15 hours a day, but I ensure I spare time for family, friends and anyone who cares about me.

Psychologically, it has been proven that saying the words and thinking we are ‘busy’ makes us feel stressed and not enjoy what we are doing.

People do not realize that we if eliminate negative words from our vocabulary, they would be much happier.

If you wonder why you feel isolated and there is no real social contact, stop telling people you are ‘busy’.

86,400 seconds in a day is a lot of time. 120 seconds in a day inquiring about well being of people you know won’t do much harm to yours and others emotional well being.

Our world can be a better place if we were not so ‘Busy’ as we claim to be.


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