Holding grudges is the most stupid thing you can do

I love to see young siblings fight. When they are not in best of moods, they throw abuses, pillows or anything that is visible in front of them one day, and then behave as if nothing happened the next day. This is their daily routine and they love it. Their love and bonding for each other grows with each fight.

Unfortunately, that is not the case with most adults.

We tend to think we are grown up because our bones have developed as we grow taller every year. Emotionally, many among us might take many more years than normal.

We’ve all had those little upsetting interactions with our friends, cousins, relatives, co-workers and anyone we know in our neighborhood that creates an uncomfortable situation. Later, we stop talking (we never did that during childhood, remember) for days.

Days then pass by into months and then years. That person who upset you is almost erased from your memory.

Many years later,  you read a book on emotional well being which recommends that practicing forgiveness is what will make humans happy.

You decide to call that friend who had upset you years ago. You discover your friend is no more. He died few years ago from an accident.

And, then you think for days and months wondering what was that argument about. You can’t remember. That regret of not talking to your friend for so many years for a silly reason haunts you for the rest of your life.

I am not suggesting never have an argument. We are all different and there is bound to have difference of views.

There is only reason for your unhappiness – how you feel about others. Because the negative emotion you have for others is inside your head which will eat you up alive.

When you see good in others and accept people as they are, you will always have a positive interaction with people. The devil is inside our head. Let that devil not live for long.

Is holding a grudge against someone who was your close friend once upon a time really worth it ?


4 thoughts on “Holding grudges is the most stupid thing you can do

  1. It’s a valid question Sudhir. While I have forgiven some and befriended again, in some case, it’s not possible because they are no more…..

    I wish we all could take things easily…understand that we all fail and learn to accept our faults. I loved this post!

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