Power of Compliments

Life is hard for everyone out there. Each one of us is going through our own battles day in and out, which never seems to end.

At the end of the day, we all need to feel valued, important for someone and complimented for the work we do or the the little things we do make people’s life easier.

Compliments are just not some bunch of words. Words have a lot of power to change our brain, the way we think about ourselves and the way we treat others. You may be the wealthiest person in the world, but there is nobody poorer than you if you have not complimented enough people in your life for what they have done to you.

I can live for two months on a good compliment – Mark Twain

Living in a world where half the population are a permanent member of  ‘International Whiners Club’, it never hurts to be different by complimenting people you meet at a restaurant, coffee shops, tubes or at work.

Social media has only exposed human’s innate desire to rant about anything and anyone in this world. The reason why complimenting people is so important today is there is so much negativity and hyper-critical attitudes that has become a way of thinking.

There is so much poverty of kind words from people we know in our daily lives that we seek inspirational words to motivate ourselves from people who no longer even exists.

People are quick to point out other’s flaws, but they can’t see anything good in others. This is a reflection on themselves more than anyone else. There is a popular phrase ‘Glass is always half empty’.  I have interacted with people all my life who couldn’t even see the glass.

Words have lots of power and I mention this in every blog post. We know that kind words can heal and change someone’s life. Yet, people choose not to speak those kind words. Perhaps, people do not want others to feel good, especially when they have been feeling miserable about themselves.

There are people who can’t accept compliments. They think there is some ulterior motive behind the compliment. Such people need to work on their own self-esteem and image to receive compliments

The truth  is that complimenting others not only benefits the recipient but the giver too. Even if people do not acknowledge the compliment, the giver benefits by just the feeling that s/he made someone’s day.

Corporate’s spend a lot of money on employee wellness programs and perks to keep their staff motivated. What they haven’t realized for a long time is all that employees want to hear is ‘Job well done !!!’. When you have supervisors who can’t see anything positive in the underlings, the environment becomes toxic and counter productive.

The best compliment you can give someone is ‘You are a wonderful human being’.

The only compliment I am dying to hear someday, is from my son,

‘You are the best Dad in the world.’


23 thoughts on “Power of Compliments

  1. I’m happy to see this post. Since you mentioned corporate world, companies carry out programs for motivating employees but sometimes, the atmosphere created by the superiors and co workers just doesn’t create that environment and therefore such programs don’t work. Sometimes, superiors might praise you but the body language and attitude doesn’t go well with it. Complimenting is surely productive but at the same time, supporting elements are important too.

    I wish we all could compliment often. I have read few of Leil Lowndes books, they are excellent resource if anyone wants to know the right trick to compliment.:)

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    1. Thank you for your comment, Arv. I like it when someone shares their thoughts too.
      Well, I quit my well paying exactly for same reason. It was not lack of compliment. It was 3 years of bullying as a consequence my brain stopped working. I was at home for 6 months in the most expensive city in the world – London -afraid to meet people.
      Will share my struggle for so many years in one of my upcoming post.

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  2. Great hob on writing this. It is very true indeed. Whenever i do something for someone i would like just a thank you or a great job. I dont need money for it. A simple few words is enough to keep me going.c: stay positive!

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  3. I can relate to this. So thank you for this blog. Compliments helped me get out of depression and it motivated me to continue what I am doing. The world should be more kind to each other especially when it comes to words.

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