How do you deal with Grammar Nazis ?

If there is one community of people, you wished were granted free visa to a remote island with no internet connection, because they are least liked by that minority of  human race who write for a living , are people who are funnily called ‘Grammar Nazis’.

If you think I made up the term ‘Grammar Nazis’, they are actually real people who exist only to correct grammar of whatever piece of written text comes in front of their eyes.

If you wonder how they look like, they do not even remotely look like Adolf Hitler. They are the usual boy/girl next-door with extra powerful eye sight, who believe spotting missing punctuation marks in a long piece of text is a rare gift from God bestowed upon them.

They are not evil either like the rest of us. It’s just that they believe they are the best thing to happen to mankind since the invention of cheese.

It’s not too hard to spot these ‘Grammar Nazi’s’ early in their childhood. They usually sit on the front row of the class, believing that closer they sit to their teacher, better is their ability to grasp knowledge what is taught in school.

History was never my favorite subject in school because I was never good at remembering dates, except for my late mom and dad’s birthday, and my own of course, however, I wonder if there was any nation during the early 20th century ( when the World War was going on  )  that bombed another country because the people in charge of writing the bilateral peace agreement had too many grammatical errors in the document.

While I understand, to err is human, and too correct another human’s mistakes, makes few people believe they are God descended on Earth for a purpose, I wonder if it’s really necessary to correct grammar, when you have actually understood what another person is trying to convey.

I wonder how do these bloggers feel when they published a 2000-word blog post on ‘How human race can live in peace and harmony?’ after months of research and dealing with writer’s block only to discover next morning that they have couple of comments recommending some correction in the article.

Though most people respond politely with a ‘Thank you for spotting that’, I wonder whether if they thought they actually banged their head against the wall or thought they were better off relaxing on a beach gulping a pint of beer, instead of attempting to change the world.

Life is full of fun and games, and you need all kinds of people to entertain, enlighten and improve our abilities.

Never take the ‘Grammar Nazi’s’ seriously. Focus on sharing your thoughts and how you can change the world, even with the grammatical errors as long you have made your point.

14 thoughts on “How do you deal with Grammar Nazis ?

  1. hahahaha…. So true…. I am make many errors in my writing which I realize only after publishing… but i think if I edit them … they will lose their essence, so i let it be…. mistakes are a part of being in a writers zone. 🙂

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