Power of Gratitude

One of the major reason, people seem to be unhappy and grumpy for eternity is that people remember only the negative events and the people who have hurt them all their life.

We rarely remember the good that people have done to us. Make one mistake and people will remember your mistake all your life and forget the hundred good things you have done to them.

In a world that thrives in negativity, you can make a difference by acknowledging your loved ones and people you know at work or social media, how they have made a difference to your life.

Showing gratitude does not mean just say a ‘Thank You’. Compliment people you know for what they are good at and be genuine. Spare few minutes for a conversation and get to know what is happening in their life.

Throughout my life, I met many who have helped me become what I am today. There are many who walked out when I needed them most too. I used to remember only the ones who hurt me. That was the biggest mistake I have ever made.

Gratitude is not just words you say to people. You live by it. Everyday you wake up, think of all the people you need to thank for helping you to get to work, the people at cafeteria who offer you a sandwich, the receptionist who greets you with a smile and everyone at work.

Beyond a smile, you may also ask  people even if they do not matter ‘How they have been ?’ . If you are genuinely not concerned about others, still ask them and notice the difference it makes to you and them. Living in a world paranoid about strangers, note the difference a word of gratitude can make to your interaction.

If you feel you have said something you shouldn’t have, now is the time to just say it. You never know, we have a short life. The person you hurt may not be around tomorrow. Let them know today that they mean a lot to you.

At work, one of the common gripe and resentment among employees is people do not feel appreciated for what they do by their bosses, customers, co-workers and anyone you meet at work.

I worked for a company based in Bristol, U.K. that allowed employees to send a ‘Thank You’ card to anyone who helped them finish a task. Many employees then started helping others just to collect those cute little cards. I thought it was a great initiative to promote collaboration in workplaces which is getting more and more competitive.

In a love relationship, it is never too late to thank your partner when they make you feel good. If you are just going to keep reminding of that one incident where your partner hurt you, it won’t do any good to either you or your partner.

The best feeling is when you show gratitude to a total stranger. So many times, we read an article or an inspiring quote that makes your day. It never hurts when you just a casual ‘Thank you for making my day’. It does make your day too.

Showing gratitude towards others must become a daily habit. Too often, we get so judgmental that the only thing people want to say something is to either offend someone or correct their mistakes.

Lack of gratitude is one of the reason why you find rude people in our life. If you get a chance to get close to someone who is perceived to be rude, to understand them better, you will be surprised that they are in fact wonderful people – it’s just that nobody recognizes their contribution and what they do to others.

When you say ‘thank you’, mention the person’s name. Not many are aware that mentioning name connects with the soul of the other person.

Once in a while, try complimenting the waiter for good service. It’s possible, s/he won’t expect any tip from you.

I have observed that people who do not have anyone to thank for are always grumpy, angry, have anxiety and issues in having good relationship with people.

Research has proven that showing gratitude to others is a potential cure for depression and anxiety. If you are in depression, there is even more reason to write down everyday what you are grateful for.

I meet so many people every day, in real life and online. They have something to mourn about. I have to remind them that they have a life, so what are they mourning about ?

As long as you are able to speak or you have your fingers intact, the only words that should ever be typed or spoken are words of gratitude.

Today, as I write this post, I have thousand reasons to smile. I am very happy for what I have and for what God has given me that not many people have – a second life.

I am happy I was alive on 4th March, 2017 to witness my son celebrate his 10th birthday. I  wouldn’t have been in a position to write this post if the car driver who banged onto me, few years ago, drove 10 mile/hour faster than he did.

This post is part of the series ‘Power of….’

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What are you thankful for today ?

7 thoughts on “Power of Gratitude

  1. Something I have been working on this year. I have committed myself to not have jealousy or ego in any situation…accept everybody as they are and be Thankful for the learnings they are giving you!

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