The Power of Words – Publishing soon

The root cause of all evils in our society such as wars, suicides, road rage, work related stress, workplace bullying, depression, anger, anxiety, low self esteem, divorce, infidelity, slut shaming, male bashing and unhappiness in general  are wrong choice of ‘words’ that pierce our body, mind and soul.

If people spent more time in understanding the ‘Power of words’ instead of spending half their life in front of the mirror just to look good, this world would be a much better place to live in.

Many questions in my upcoming  post that seeks answers, one among them:

Why is it that our education system does not focus on this fundamental aspect of our life for a healthy and emotional well being ?

A degree does not make anyone educated if one does not understand the impact of their words on people around them.

Publishing Soon !


8 thoughts on “The Power of Words – Publishing soon

  1. Yes, words shape our perception of self and others. Harsh criticism comes from negative significant figures in our lives but can be turned down if we learn to listen to our true voice or more empathetic inner dialogue.

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