Suvarna Ventures on Instagram

I am delighted to have 1000 followers on Instagram in just over 2 months.

I know there are millions of Instagram followers with over 25k followers, however, I am content with what I have today. Many of my followers, including top photographers around the world have admired my work. And that is what counts.

Following the car accident, I felt my dream of capturing the beauty around India would never be achieved. I quit photography for a long time and since my brother in law left this world, never touched my camera.

I used to have a Facebook page for my photography  but never looked at it myself in the past few years. I never intended to share my work on Instagram. But I thought of giving it a go.

My Instagram journey has just begun. There will be more stunning images uploaded in the coming months.

If you already have a presence on Instagram, then do follow me.

Follow Suvarna_Ventures on Instagram – The web version

Let me know what you think of the images in the gallery.

I must admit they look better on the app on mobile if you have downloaded it.








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