Strangers are strangers if you make them feel like one

More than seven months into blogging and over 700 followers who were strangers and who make me feel like one despite several interactions.

I wonder what do people imagine how I look like.

I am guessing something like this. 🙂

Image courtesy: Suvarna Ventures.


I know he looks a little wounded and hurt. Poor chap.

Talk about strangers, sometimes people you have known for decades can make you feel like strangers. Sometimes you meet acquaintances who can make you feel you were known for decades.

Sometimes you can open up to strangers which you had never done with a loved one including a spouse.

Workplaces are full of strangers. Whether you like your co-workers or not, you have to deal with them.

Sometimes, you may have lived in a foreign country for decades, yet feel like a stranger. You are struggling to be accepted by the locals despite your best effort to be an integral part of the society.

With so much interaction online these days, some people believe they can be rude to strangers just because they are not known to them. I always believed strangers are humans with feelings very much like anyone else and must be treated with respect.

It is often said ‘Everyone you meet is a stranger before both decide to get to know each other’.

The feeling of being treated like a stranger is a strange feeling. You wonder what wrong have you done other than people not taking the time to get to know you.

In a society paranoid of strangers, possibly due to few bad experiences, I believe it’s best to treat people like co-passengers as there is no point making any effort in changing the way people think.

Luckily, exactly fifteen years ago I met a stranger who is now better part of my life.


6 thoughts on “Strangers are strangers if you make them feel like one

  1. Agree Sudhir …each and every one of us can only change ourselves …folk can be indeifferent or reject and that’s their problem BUT we can develop that inner resilience as you say …we are ALL passengers on a journey ….sometimes we connect with others for a short time …sometimes longer , deeper more meaningful relationships …some lifelong some not so ….it might or might not all make sense in the end …BUT we must just keep on that journey ….hopefully learning and growing from each experience:):):):) …..thoughtful post as ever Sudhir and YES we should value the people who are actually in our lives …15 years …your a lucky man Sudhir:):):):)

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