How to do deal with people who walk out on you ?

For someone who values long term relationship, I used to sulk for days and sometimes months when people just disappeared from my life or turned cold when nothing seemed to have gone wrong according to me.

Not anymore. Because I have got so used to it that I just don’t care.

I’m sure this happens with everyone.

In the past, when I used to introduce myself to co-passengers on a flight, have a lovely chat, I would exchange visiting cards before disembarkation.

Few days later, I hoped that when I e-mailed this person what a lovely conversation we had on the flight, I would get a response and the conversation will continue. Perhaps, I shouldn’t have expected any response at all.

I was too naive to believe that people are genuinely interested in keeping relationship. Unless you are important to them, they won’t. Perhaps, if I was a potential client or employer, they would have made some effort to respond.

For most people, if you are out of sight out of mind. You can only remind them that you exist. Rest is for them to understand that you want to keep the relationship. If they do not respond for few days, give them benefit of doubt.

If it takes few months for a response then you should get the message. Let them go. Trust me, don’t even bother to know if they exist. They don’t deserve your time and most likely you are not even on their mind.

I know it is very easy for me to write here and hard to let go off someone you have known for many years.

But this is the new reality of life. People have become similar to movies for many. Nobody has the patience to wait till the end if the movie is not as exciting as expected.

You can sulk all day, months and years while others have moved on. It will hurt you more when you realize you were never in the thought of the other person.

Never doubt yourself whether you were at fault. Because if you are reading this post, it is assumed you care about relationships. Even if you were at fault, you have every reason to be given an opportunity to apologize. We are humans and all make mistakes.

If you are emotional person, then it is high time you change. Times have changed.

Nobody would care about you if you did not exist. Maybe a few closed ones and only for few days.

If you get to know someone who is still with you and has promised you that they will be there for you all your life, then grab hold of them tight.

Don’t let them go, as such people are rare these days.

6 thoughts on “How to do deal with people who walk out on you ?

  1. So very true. I have found as I have gotten older, that my circle of friends has diminished. It use to bother me, but I have made new friends and enjoy their company. If someone doesn’t want to spend time with me, it is certainly their loss.

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    1. I am not your friend but I loved the intellectual interaction we had the other day. Please don’t consider yourself alone. I am more than pleased to interact with you here.
      I have had the same experience as you.

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  2. Sudhir,
    there are many dimensions to this..
    1.nowadays people are more inclined to intellectual interactions, especially girls as far as I know. they won’t be interested in loose talks..
    2.then another case could be the business of our life, which in fact is not a major excuse to move out of interactions. but still may happen
    3.then, mismatch in frequency.
    yes many more cases could be there. But you know, if we are really into a true relationship, it will last forever even if didn’t interact on a regular basis. we can approach such friends at any point of time in our life even if we haven’t talked to/met her/him for many years..


  3. This is such an accurate description of what has happened to me and many others like me.Many many many times!
    It makes absolute sense to not wait for someone to ‘get’ interested.If they aren’t,they aren’t. A very wise choice to not bother with it at all.I think life is too short to spend sulking on anyone for whatever reason.People will come and go,and transform us into better people.That’s all we can hope 🙂

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