Being open minded – a different perspective to our problems

We have a distorted view of the world based on our limited knowledge that we possess through learning from educational institutes, parents, friends, peers and people we meet at work.

Most people believe popular views, follow the herd and then claim to be unique in the world. They connect people who think like them or work in the same professional field or hobbies. This rarely allows anyone to have a different view of the world.

Many of the challenges we face in the world is because we approach a problem with the same narrow minded view instead of thinking different with an open mind.

Ironically, anyone who had a different way of thinking would be laughed at by the people who have nothing new to offer to the world except for whining about their problem.

For a long time, working in technology sector gave me a narrow view of the world — that everything in this world is about technology. It was only after I quit my technology career and started researching about every thing around our world that I started to understand people and the world around us better.

I realized I knew nothing about this world except technology and that the world is not made just of technology -it’s made of people, places, wildlife, nature, oceans and food.

For past few years, I deliberately avoid connecting with people from technology background simply because they consider people as data and they are very boring to have a conversation with.

Being open minded allowed me to get to know what is happening in the lives of people from creative backgrounds.

What are the challenges creative people face and what is their approach to work ? Do they feel they can do a better job if they worked alone than say if there were people around them ? How does their idea take shape ?

Why do we hate politicians so much ?

I agree that there are few politicians who have abused power but vast majority of politicians do serious work behind the scenes, which we all take for granted. I have observed that it has become a fashion to blame politicians for every problem a country faces even without knowing the root cause of the problem. We blame politicians from the comfort of our homes just because it is convenient and everyone else is doing it. Why aren’t many people in politics if they think can do a better job ?

Why is respect to another human solely based on job titles ?

My approach has been that you respect everyone from CEO to the janitor. They are all doing some work for a living. Why should anyone lower in the hierarchy not be heard ? I understand organizations are moving to flatter structures. But vast majority are still following the hierarchy ?

Why do we behave in a manner that we hate when others do it ?

From being selfish, self-absorbed and materialistic, we are all guilty of it yet blame everyone else in the world for being evil.

I noticed a lot of people posting quotes of forgiving people. How many people do we forgive in our lifetime ? Isn’t it easy to just preach and very difficult to practice.

The thing is we are all giving false perceptions to people about ourselves just to present a good image about ourselves.

Why do relationships break so easily these days ?

Commitment is as rare as the solar eclipse. People find excuse to walk out when they experience the slightest problem. Why don’t people learn lessons from others failure ?

Will this every happen ?  The answer is ‘No’.

Because we have a closed mind. Our world is centered  around ‘I-me-myself’ and as long a our own attitude does not change, most problems will continue to exist in our life as long as we don’t think differently.

There is a problem solving approach called ‘root cause analysis’ where you keep asking the ‘Why did this happen ?’ and you get to  the root of the problem, we can find a solution to all our problems.


14 thoughts on “Being open minded – a different perspective to our problems

  1. Yep …agree Sudhir …we can all only change ourselves from within ..and it is really each and every one of us responsibility to do so ….keep the mind open as you say …recognise our screw ups or frailties …and we ALL have them NOBODY is perfect …learn from ‘life experience’ if we can …shut the not so good stuff away in a box and take foreward the positives 🙂

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      1. Thankyou Sudhir ….although it was in March here …it must be different dates around the world …..happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers in India ….respect to mothers and carers wherever you are :):):):):)


  2. Sudhir I am laughing at this point as I do have few friends who are from the technology background and they are actually very boring! LOL! Most people don’t really think out of the box
    …one-directional thinking not only hampers the society but it also does jeopardize relationships within the family. Your post does give people an opportunity to reflect and ponder!


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