How to support people who feel suicidal ?

It is unfortunate that every year, millions of people globally leave this world sooner than their time and  it is even more saddening that such tragedy could have been easily prevented if their near ones had shown a little compassion towards them.

While death doesn’t spare anyone, we all strive to live, live as long as we can and while we live our life we must be thankful that we are blessed with everything we need – family, friends, love and job – but at the same time many aren’t as lucky.

Most people who eventually gave up indicated in some way with some warning signs which people around them did not take it seriously.

It is foolish to even think that they were cowards, because nobody dares to think of taking such drastic step. It is the feeling of hopelessness that tricks them to believe ending the pain is the best way to get out of it.

An early warning signs of people feeling suicidal  are cutting off from their friends or loved ones, not bothering to look good, writing elaborate good bye posts, preparing a will and searching for information on suicides.

We are only beginning to see the consequence of a self-absorbed society that only pressurizes people to succeed at any cost, earn fame and if you don’t achieve what other successful people have then you will be marginalized and isolated from society.

How do you provide support to anyone feeling suicidal?

Talking to someone feeling suicidal is very difficult.

Sometimes, it is just a half hour conversation to let the person flush out any negative feelings could be life changing.  You got to be sensitive too. Never ever tell this person that there are so many things to do in life and how everyone has coped with failures etc.

Don’t forward those inspirational posters and memes. It is not going to help. All they need is someone to just hear them out.

Let your friend know that when they feel suicidal just wait for one more day. It could just be a passing thought; someone must have said something that they shouldn’t.

If someone reached out to you, know that they are seeking help. There is no harm in seeking help. Suicidal people do not seek help because they were rejected in the past when they tried to reach out to people they knew well.

Follow up with them and ask them how they are feeling. Don’t expect them to call you.

If possible, follow up once in 2-3 days and let them know you are available whenever they feel suicidal.

More often than not, the feeling goes away after few days and they are only going to thank you for offering support at the right time.

People who live with depression suffer from distorted thinking. Their mind tricks them to believe all is lost and they are not worth living. Another person assuring them that the person feeling suicidal has a lot to offer to this world will give them the assurance they need.

There will never be a better time than now to let them know about their special talent and abilities.

Don’t get upset if they did not acknowledge you. God will return the favor in some ways.

Being compassionate to someone who needs it at the right time is our fundamental duty for the survival of humanity.

It is not all right to assume someone is a loner, people become loner because the society, their family and friends isolated them.

Also, don’t think that others did not help you when you needed them, so why should I offer to help someone I don’t know well.

Well, let others be. Karma will take care of them. We must not neglect our duty.

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One life saved is one additional year of your life earned.

Stay Blessed !


11 thoughts on “How to support people who feel suicidal ?

  1. ‘One life saved is one additional year of your life earned.’
    A truly inspirational line. It truly is so important to be nice and kind. Was a great read. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is excellent advice, Suvarna. I especially like this line: “Don’t get upset if they did not acknowledge you. God will return the favor in some ways.” It’s okay if we don’t receive anything in return for our kindness, because such acts should be freely given.

    Liked by 1 person

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