Being nice isn’t hard.

It is often said that one must be nice to their sub-ordinates. Who knows s/he could be your next boss. Sadly, it doesn’t happen that way and people think they can get away with it.

I wonder how much does writing/texting a ‘Good morning. How have you been ?’ cost ? .

It took me 3 seconds.  I would wish people good morning once in a while. Later, I stopped because I looked very silly as people thought I had nothing else better to do in life and I was wasting their time.

We can all complain about how selfish the society has become.  The reality is we are part of the society and we continue to do what we label others as selfish.

These days, I explicitly tell people ‘call me only if you need me’. They still don’t get it.

It is human to get jealous when we see other’s holiday pictures. How hard is it just to say ‘Enjoy your holiday’.

Did jealousy make anyone happy ? Why do we continue being jealous ?

We all want to be complimented for looking good. If someone shares their picture, why not just compliment. If it makes their day, it will make yours too.

How hard is it to respond to messages or e-mails ? or to even write a few lines of ‘Hello’ not just when you need something from them.

Ignoring someone who is nice to you is the worst thing one can do. You won’t feel good when someone ignores you too. So why do it to others ?

Positive attitude and being kind to others goes a full circle. What goes around comes around.

Sometimes, all that you need when  you feel low, is inquire about someone you have been trying to talk to for a while or maybe apologize if you thought you hurt someone.

It will make a huge difference to the lives of both.

Stay happy. Stay blessed.Have a great week ahead !


28 thoughts on “Being nice isn’t hard.

  1. One must appreciate something that they loved or liked in the first place but seldom have I seen people doing that. May be its ego or ‘Ill do it later’ attitude. Being nice is what I don’t openly see now. It is a great article Sudhir. 🙂

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  2. That’s so considerate Sudhir. Brought a smile. 🙂 I am doing good.
    I second you on the thought of being nice. Looking forward to your article.
    How have you been? 🙂

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