What does the universe teach us about love ?

Our gorgeous planet Earth and it’s satellite Moon has existed for billions of years in the Universe.

Earth experiences high tide and low tide because of the Moon’s gravitational force on our planet and because of it’s centrifugal force it is kept apart.

Earth experiences numerous challenges like earthquakes, storms, hurricane, lightning, meteor strikes.

However, the Moon’s attraction towards Earth has never diminished and they will continue to be attracted to each other until the universe exist.

Perhaps, there is a lesson for us humans. Despite all adversities, man and woman, to maintain their attraction Β and closeness towards each other must also keep their individual identity and distance.

Healthy distance is what makes relationships and bonding grow. More you have of anything, more you lose it’s value.

Too much closeness becomes obsession and violates their space and an individual’s sense of freedom.

Remember ..it’s the distance that triggered the attraction and got them closer in the first place.

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Image Courtesy: Suvarna Ventures

30 thoughts on “What does the universe teach us about love ?

      1. Hello Jennifer.. I have done almost all genre of photography except fashion. Did few fashion shows in London but not many shots. πŸ™‚
        I am not a professional photographer. However, I passionately pursued photography to create this blog.
        You will get to see a lot of my work in the next few months. πŸ™‚

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      2. Same here Jennifer… I have a story to share. I lost 2 years of my work when laptop crashed. I restarted again and met with an accident.
        I am glad I finally found a platform to share my art and discover wonderful people like you around the world.

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      3. That’s a shame that you lost so much , however it looks like you are well on your way in this creative journey to inspire us all . I feel the same way , I finally have an outlet for my ideas. I’m really glad , as well to have discovered you. Thank you so much!!


  1. Your post is 100 percent correct. The closer I get to people, the less of myself I feel. That is a problem I feel like in my relationship. I like more distance, but he doesn’t. I’m trying to err on the side of being closer because I know that I am very distant when it comes to people. I have this thing where I only be around people WHEN I WANT TO BE AROUND THEM, and when I don’t, get the hell away from me.

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  2. Yes ….a great post ….maintaining individual identity and space in a relationship is good …however not tooooo much ‘distance’ ….sharing similar motivations in life and emotional intimacy are also important ….but actually when I think about it …that’s pretty much covered in your earth/moon analogy ……it’s lovely to think of the the independence yet interdependence of the earth and moon …yes that’s a lovely thought:)

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