Emotional intimacy and why it is important


How often in our lifetime we have been in situation where we have known someone for decades but yet no one knows you deep inside ?

It is not surprising that when someone thinks the other person is not intimate enough, the response is ‘You don’t know me well enough’.

People often confuse emotional intimacy with physical intimacy.  You may have physical intimacy yet there can be a lot of emptiness, low self-esteem and fear of lack of acceptance.

Emotional intimacy can happen between close friends too either from the same gender or the opposite gender.

We often make friends in university or at work and a typical conversation involves intellectual discussions.

We often project an image to the world which is not our true self.

Our photographs or even if we meet people in real life does not tell the story of our daily struggles.

Majority of us choose a partner based on intellectual abilities or physical attractiveness and not necessarily for being compassionate and someone who accepts you for who you are.

Every individual carries a luggage – a past with awkward and uncomfortable moments, fears, dreams and desires, which they need to let it out to someone who is willing to listen and accept them and say few kind words ‘I am with you. I understand what you are going through’.

Often, men are more uncomfortable than women in opening up their soul to another person. Because when they were younger they were told by their mother to stop crying like a baby. The fear that they would be laughed at if they express their vulnerability to someone else makes them hide their deepest fears so that they are not perceived as weak. The consequence of this is when you are not heard, you don’t know to listen to others as well.

What stops us from achieving our goal, happiness and conquer our fears, is the clutter inside our head that must come out and shared with another soul.

The power of human brain is a fascinating topic. I need to think deep to write about it.

We identify ourselves and others by our looks, but actually it is our brain.

It’s  amazing that God designed the equivalent of Bluetooth billions of years.

Connection between two brains can be strong or weak. To be able to feel emotional intimacy, the connection between two brains must be strong.

To establish a strong connection, they must let out what is inside their soul to another.




30 thoughts on “Emotional intimacy and why it is important

  1. I think on this topic often. I prefer investing in the relationships that allow me to be completely open and real. I think we all long for that. why waste time on anything less?


      1. Yes, definitely – emotional intimacy is the most important. I struggle with this more in my friendships than I do with my “love” life. I think some of us are willing to be open books, and share our hearts. When I meet someone like myself, willing to share and not judge, I find it so refreshing. I also find I only need one or two people like this in my life. Maybe if I had too many I’d feel too emotional all day and accomplish nothing! 😉

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      2. Also, it’s not about just being emotional. People who suffer from bipolar, depression rarely talk about how they feel with their partners. In such case, it is best to have a partner or even a friend to share with how they feel.

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