When friends betray you…..

It is said that we connect with people for a purpose.

In past few years, I have set my expectation right. Friends or acquaintance or whoever I meet are meant to be in my life only for a purpose. Once the purpose cease to exist, these friends won’t exist too.

I no longer feel disappointed.

Another change I have made is the way I think about myself. I believe I am a tiny dot in the universe. I am insignificant. I am not important for anyone.

Try the above  and let me know does it make you feel better ?

I read a lot of stories about how friends betrayed them when it mattered most. Thing is their expectations. If people believe, in this materialistic world, people will stick by them in times of adversity, then they live in some fantasy world.

If you are one of those who volunteers to bail out friends in trouble, then you must not expect anything in return. Showing gratitude is a lost art.

So despite so many posters about true friends and people betraying when you needed them most,  why do people continue to behave that way ?

I believe for majority of people, they won’t know how you feel when you are in deep trouble unless they go through a similar situation.

So another parent wouldn’t understand how it feels to have a child suffer from terminal illness unless they go through the same situation. Possibly, this is how we are wired.

It is best to give them a benefit of doubt, continue with the friendship but be weary not to expect it. When they are in trouble, and they call you, help them out.

Remind them politely that it would have been wonderful had they given you support when you needed them most. By doing that you invite good karma and they live with regret. Bless them as they are humans.

Don’t think evil of anyone as it only hurts you more.

Show people how to be a good friend.

They are learning from you.


13 thoughts on “When friends betray you…..

  1. A thought provoking post Suddhir …..and yes ….we are ALL just tiny dots in the universe …but we are here to live this human life ….who knows why and maybe it’s not for us to question …..just riding life like surfing the waves of an ocean ….sometimes the sea is shrouded in fog and mill pond still ….sometimes the waves are SO rough, coming at us so fast and furiously it is tricky to stay on the board ….at other times the sun can be shining and there is a beautiful turquoise swell to ride ….I think your right that people come and go in life ….who knows why ….it just happens …maybe a riptide just comes along and folk drift of in different directions ….the ocean is vast …but how lovely to ride for a time alongside someone ….we’re all dots bobbing around …connecting …even ‘virtually’ ….and the ocean is dynamic ….whatever wave we are riding you can be sure there’s another one coming behind it ….the journey is in its entirety ….joys, sometimes tragedies and disappointments ….it’s a journey we have been sent here to ride with dots to encounter along the way:)
    I LOVE your approach of non judgement and acceptance of others ….it’s a valuable lesson for us all …..just dots bobbing around ….not one any more significant or insignificant than the other …..a deeply thoughtful, humble and humbling post Suddhir. Thankyou:)

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  2. the root cause of disappointment is expectation, whether its a friend, family or colleague. lwe need to leave it in order to live life happily.


  3. Totally agree! I now don’t expect anything from anyone and i am no more into relationship they are just for sake of it! I started valuing myself and time too 🙂

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