Can selfless love survive in a selfish world ?

God’s best gift to all living beings is ability to love other living beings in the world.

Humans are wired to be selfish though. It doesn’t matter what perception people try to give to the rest of the world, there is a selfish interest in why we love someone.

How much ever we may deny, we love people who make us feel good.

Besides physical beauty, financial status and many other characteristics trait is what makes people love someone.

In rare cases, history has witnessed global icon of selfless love towards people in the form of Mother Teresa.

Another exception are dogs.

For the rest of the civilization, love is given with the expectation of something in return.

A common misconception is selfless love is not possible when someone treats you like a door mat. Well, it is not. Every human has a right to be treated with respect and dignity.

Selfless love does not mean platonic love too.

Selfless love only means you care about another person’s happiness and freedom more than yours.

In selfish love, you often hear ‘I did x for her but she never responded.’  or ‘I was the one who was giving and got nothing in return’.

Well! Isn’t true love (if you believe in one),  about giving love to that one person who is important to you in your life ?

With all the hype around love, especially in the month of February, shouldn’t we just admit that what vast majority of people call ‘love’ is only a feel good word and we only love people with some selfish interest, either physical or material  ?





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