You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours

It is now a foregone conclusion that no relationship, except mother and a child, can survive without reciprocity.

The golden rule for any relationship to last long is give and take.

Most people understand this golden rule, but few don’t. It’s either because they do not value relationships or they are too self-absorbed or nobody has ever given them feedback.

Sometimes a polite ‘I have called you many times…I look forward to your call sometimes soon.’ should suffice.

Too often you hear from people express their dissatisfaction in a relationship because it has always been give and nothing in return.

It is possible humans take each other for granted and they only realize the importance of another person they know when they are not around.

In workplace, a common gripe from employees is that they work hard and they do not get any acknowledgement from their employer. Surely, managers/supervisors must know that employees will stretch their limits only if they are acknowledged and valued for their contribution.

The give and take aspect of any relationship works at all levels and with all relationships and needs consistency for a long period – sometimes a lifetime.

Sometimes, a lifetime passes away ย and yet the relationship suffers when one of the partner feels that it’s always been a one way street. Few might claim, their love is selfless but secretly they wish too that they got the same amount of love in return what they gave to their partner.

All humans love to feel valued and it’s no secret that we expect that the favor is at least acknowledged if not returned.

The return favor need not be immediate. It can be a few months or even years later

Many wonder why did an interaction with an acquaintance or a friend just stopped. Well, there is a reason. If the conversation is only about one person, nobody would be interested in continuing the conversation. People only interact with you if you make them feel good.

People who complain about loneliness must also introspect within and assess what they can improve so that more people start interacting with them.

I have this habit of inquiring people once in few months whether they are doing okay. Sadly, nobody even thought of asking in return. Being busy is no longer an excuse I accept, because we all are busy.

A simple test is you ask someone when is their birthday. Many won’t ask in return. By now, everyone knows that every human being celebrates his/her birthday. While nobody has an obligation to remember, but not asking in return is just a little hint how self-absorbed the person is.





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