Planet Earth – The Power of Sun – A visual story

Man can only admire the mystery of how we all came into existence and how a bright star millions of miles away from Earth can not only give light and heat, but also a precious gift called life, not only to humans but also millions of species in various forms.

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Life on Earth would have been impossible without the Sun. Without the Sun’s warmth, it would be difficult to survive.

Sun’s rays takes approximately 8 minutes to reach Earth. That tells you how far the Sun is from Earth. Yet, the heat that Earth receives is enough and the right amount for life to exist.

Can life exist on planet Earth without the Sun ?

Nobody knows what would really happen if the Sun just switched off because this is something that never happened ever in history of the Earth.

It is hard to even imagine that life could ever exist on Earth without the Sun’s energy.

Perhaps, winter season is an example of how difficult life can get if the Earth does not get the right amount of sunshine all through out the year.


What causes seasons ?

Earth spins on it’s own axis which is titled. Because of the title, the Northern Hemisphere that gets more of Sun’s rays experiences summer and the Southern Hemisphere points away from the Sun and hence experiences winter.

The Earth’s distance from the Sun does not cause the seasons.



Amazing fact:  A million Earth’s can fit inside of the Sun.





Water on land evaporates due to sunshine. This ensures the cycle of water from the sky to land. Water is turned from liquid into gas state called water vapor. Water vapor cools into water droplets and form clouds. Water then falls into land as rain.

Without rain, there would be no life on Earth.


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What are health benefits of Sunlight ?

Exposure to sunlight helps the brain release of a hormone called serotonin. Serotonin is essential for human’s to remain calm and focused. Lower levels of serotonin usually triggers SAD (Seasonal affective disorder). Sunlight exposure in the summer can equip your body with Vitamin D3 that can last the fall and winter.

Skin that is exposed to ultra violet rays release a compound, nitric oxide, that can help reduce blood pressure.

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Are you planning a vacation where the Sun never sets ? Then head onto places like Norway (Land of the midnight Sun) where bright sunlight engulfs the region for almost 20 hours.


How are rainbows formed in the sky ?

You can see rainbows when the Sun is right behind you. When light is reflected from millions of water droplets, a rainbow is formed. Rainbow forms a complete circle, however we can only see half of it. We can only see the arc as the horizon allows us to see only half of the rainbow circle.



Converting sunlight into electricity

When sunlight hits certain material, it generates electricity. Hopefully, someday, solar energy will used for variety of purpose and will be a cheaper and effective alternative for our daily energy needs.


Sun plays a very important role in our existence. Sun has enough energy for billion more years. One cannot imagine life without Sun. It is not surprising that many religion worship the Sun – giver of life.


The Power of Sun is part of the Planet Earth project that took me couple of years to complete.

Coming soon as part of this series are  Water, Air, Wildlife and Land.



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