Life is nothing but a short story

When we don’t know whether we will around tomorrow, we need to let go off our ego, jealousy and any resentment to live a happy life.

You don’t have to give expensive gifts to people.

All you need to do is wish people you know ‘Good Morning’ and ask them ‘how is life treating them?’

Do they want an ear to listen to their worries ?

Remember their birthday and give a small compliment for their work.

It will surely bring a smile on their face and yours too.



24 thoughts on “Life is nothing but a short story

      1. what are doing Man? How can you stay far from big screen? Oh I understand…These days people prefer to watch movies in the comfort of their homes. Good.
        But, I like it there ;).
        There was a time, I was so frequent that I never missed the first day first show but it’s not an easy task with a baby in your arms. so I became less frequent. 🙂
        The movie is cool, with a different concept, atleast for us Indians-Househusband. I totally enjoyed.

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      2. I know I was a regular for movies until past 3-4 years, which has been tough. I work on a start up from home…failed 3 times and yet believe I will succeed at 4th attempt..Working from home helps me look after Dad who is in his 80’s. Not an alien concept for me…I am sure the movie showed a glamorized version, where as for me it’s no glamour’s a lot of stress and loneliness, hence I try to connect with people here.

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      3. Taking care of aged parents is worth admiring. Your dad is fortunate to have you. Thank GOD that you have this option to work from home.
        Yes the movie shows glamour but I do know Males in our country will find it unpalatable. Helping in house chores is one thing and doing all the duties of a house lady, is another thing. We haven’t become this modern yet.

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      4. I know Mann….But I guess since I do the stuff like cleaning toilets, floor is assumed since I am not earning money (I earned a lot in the UK – unfortunately lost half of it with my first start up)…. But I am not complaining, it’s my duty – hope my father acknowledges and does not compare with other rich men of my age.

        On a separate note, you were the only one who wished me on my birthday post.. I know these are little things but it means a lot to me.
        I am obliged to remember your birthday if you let me know when it is. 🙂

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      5. Why leave a life many people dream of?
        I mean working abroad is a rage among INDIANs for a better and comfortable life and look at you! You had it.
        I apologise for being mean. Everyone has reasons. I am sure your father is loving precious company of yours during such tough time of his life.
        AND I am glad my wishes made a difference. Mine falls on september 2.

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      6. It’s been hard Mann. Unfortunately, with my brother in law’s passing away, my own ill health – things are only worse. I am keeping life positive though as it will reflect on my blog posts. Thank you for your comment and regular interaction here.


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