Why do people change ?

All of us would love to have people around us remember us for a long time and be kind as they were when we first interact with them.

Some become friends, in most cases you are out of sight-out of mind but at least one person is meant to stay with us maybe a little longer.

However, the sad truth is everyone changes. They are not the same person when you met.

The intensity in conversation diminishes with passage of time.  And you wonder whether should you  have recorded  that moment on video when everything was perfect for you – just to remind people this is how it was few moons ago. Later, you message them ‘Hello…remember me ?’ and you got no response.

So why do people change  ?

Your life partner aside,  for the rest, one of the reason could be you are priority number 257 in their long list of friends list that grows at a rapid rate everyday.

If you were a techno smart person and recorded all the promises your partner made before marriage and you get a response ‘Are you sure that was my voice ?’ – What do you do then ?

I suspect most people hide the reality from you that they suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer can affect anyone especially once their job is done and they don’t need you anymore.

Sometimes, Alzheimer can also affect your friends when they realize you are going through difficult times.

People want you in their life for some entertainment value. Some urgent need. To kill time maybe, especially when there is nothing new uploaded on Youtube or there is no major sports event around.

When you stop providing entertainment value, they move on to the next entertainer in the queue.

So if you thought you are not attractive to your partner anymore or you don’t provide anything new and you don’t excite them anymore, then let me assure you, it’s not you – it’s that silly Alzheimer and there is no known cure for it.

Or maybe, we must accept this is how life was, is and will be. Nobody is meant to stay in your life forever, only memories.



15 thoughts on “Why do people change ?

      1. Your welcome! Well deserved. How have I been? Thank you for asking. I’m terribly homesick and yearning for my California home and people. I’m trying to come to terms with my reality and accept it and be filled with gratitude but every day it is hard. 😦 How are you doing?

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      2. Hey…thank you for your share. I have been there. Home away from home makes you wonder what is the point to move out. Hope you find a community of real people (not online) where you can spend time with.
        Let me know how it goes. Take care.

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  1. Yes people change including you and me, sometime without even realizing it.
    That’s the reality. So let’s face it, shrug it off and move on…


    1. When it comes to people I know, I still remember them even after 20-25 years. I have changed though – mature each year to understand that in the end only good relationship matters.
      I always valued relationship over gadgets. :

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    1. Yes…I believe when we have grown and matured with time, we can go back to people and apologize for not being there when they need you. Similarly, others can do the same to you in return.
      Maybe I am different. I believe once you know someone, the connection must remain for life.
      I know times have changed now with acquaintances available to us at a click of a button.

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