Why April Fool pranks don’t work on kids anymore ?

If you are a mum or a dad reading this and you were planning to take a sweet revenge on your kids for playing pranks on you all year, let me assure you, it isn’t going to work because kids are super smart these days.

In my younger days, people considered themselves intelligent if they were expert in using a T.V remote control, kids these days have gone beyond all that and are capable of teaching their parents how to download apps.

Even if you made a sincere attempt without getting suspicious, they will remind you what day it is today.

My son who just turned 9 last month taught me how to transfer images through bluetooth because I was struggling to transfer images. Can you beat that ?

Congratulations if your April Fool prank worked. Please share few ideas here.



8 thoughts on “Why April Fool pranks don’t work on kids anymore ?

  1. My cousin who could do that too πŸ˜›
    He is 11 now does windows 10 update on his own and I don’t what else they do, they are going way beyond what was possible 5 years back.

    It is call – intuitiveness – in the Industry.
    And the apps and everything they are built in such a way that they can be self learnt or self taught and are better at this then kids.

    That’s just how things are and going to be nothing can change.
    I enjoy seeing kids doing amazing stuff like applying day to day hacks and fixing some issues, which for them are trivial for the adults, might seem like alien !

    I am sure you son is going to do wonders, oh wait, he already is !

    I am glad to have come across you bud! Totally appreciate your life, lifestyle and mind set πŸ™‚


  2. April Fool’s day is proving to be big over here. the 13 year old taped his sibling’s doors and the toilet shut with clear tape, forwarded the clocks one hour. The 10 year old stuffed wet toilet paper into his sibling’s shoes and baby girl told Dad who was wearing a nice suit to work meeting that there was a black dot on the back of his suit. APRIL FOOL’s!!! I’m afraid to close my eyes. LOL.

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