Why you must believe others are more important than you ?

Suvarna Academy

We have been taught from childhood to love ourselves first and put our own interest in front of others.

For most people, the only selfless relationship that they have ever known is their parents.

While parents do what they ought to be doing, they often forget that when their children step out in the society and meet people in all walks of life, they need to give importance to others.

There are people who believe that one must care and love themselves first – which I am not denying. But then one shouldn’t blame society for being selfish because we demonstrate the same behavior we hate from everyone else in the society.

Also, we do not often realize that if everyone thought likewise, they are the ones who will benefit.

Today, most relationships, be it friendship, love or even boss-subordinate relationship does not work out because one of them assumes s/he…

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