When someone shows you their true colors, believe them.

Suvarna Academy

No matter how long you have known someone, they will ultimately show their true colors.

I get fooled time and again, year after year, believing that finally I found someone I can trust.

From my school days, I learnt to build life long relationships. It has always been my intention to maintain contact with people for long term.

However, I realize all it takes is for your circumstance to change.

My experience at work was I had the best working relationship with people. The day I put my papers, everyone’s attitude changed. My vendors used to be concerned about my health and well being all the time, because I gave them business. Not anymore.

Friends are no different. I had to just tell people I no longer live in the United Kingdom and returned to India and since then I haven’t heard from anyone, especially those who used to inquire…

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