Why you must believe others are more important than you ?

We have been taught from childhood to love ourselves first and put our own interest in front of others.

For most people, the only selfless relationship that they have ever known is their parents.

While parents do what they ought to be doing, they often forget that when their children step out in the society and meet people in all walks of life, they need to give importance to others.

There are people who believe that one must care and love themselves first – which I am not denying. But then one shouldn’t blame society for being selfish because we demonstrate the same behavior we hate from everyone else in the society.

Also, we do not often realize that if everyone thought likewise, they are the ones who will benefit.

Today, most relationships, be it friendship, love or even boss-subordinate relationship does not work out because one of them assumes s/he is more important than the others.

Relationships are always give and take. Yet, people become so self-obsessed that they do not value people they know.

Most adults continue with such behaviors until they reach a stage in life, when they start looking inwards and how their behavior affects others.

Often, we do not realize that we get attached to people who make us feel important. Yet, we do not acknowledge that to be liked by others, we must make others feel important.

Social media tools like Twitter are a perfect platform for people who like to toot their own horn. I rarely see people actually even bothering to have a conversation with people who follow them.

I feel saddened when I hear or read about relationship break-ups. A common reason is either partner does not feel valued. When people learn to make their partner feel important, we will experience more love and less stress in relationships that matters the most.

In a society, where we try to outdo each other, I believe, is a lose-lose situation for all.

Making others feel important means you are assured about your own self-worth. You know what you are good at. It is about building a deeper bonding with others whether you intend to have long-term relationship or not.



How do you make others feel important ?

  • Introduce your friend or loved ones highlighting their special quality. For e.g. ‘Meet my friend, Julie. She is a brilliant violinist’.
  • Managers at work do not realize that making employees feel valued for what they do is the only approach to get them give their best. Penalizing employees for minor errors has never ever worked. Managers themselves need to feel valued by their supervisors as much as any employee.
  • Asking questions about what they do, how they are coping with challenges and offering them moral support is one way to make them feel important.

You don’t have to do this for any selfish reasons. You shouldn’t expect anything from them in return. Karma is watching you. Someday, you will reap the benefits in unexpected way.

Life is all about relationships. It is not just about with whom you settle down in life. It is about everyone you meet.

You will be remembered for how you made them feel and not your job title.




10 thoughts on “Why you must believe others are more important than you ?

  1. I always think why can’t people just be nice? Why not just smile? Is it too much to ask? And in many cases it is. All that we have in life is what we leave behind and how we make people feel after we are gone. Great post Sudhir! xo Liz

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  2. Very nice Post! And really liked this line – “Life is all about relationships. It is not just about with whom you settle down in life. It is about everyone you meet.”. If one will understand the value of life and people around us then most of the problems and misunderstandings will disappear as nowadays people are attracted towards artificial happiness and they have no time to look around by whom they covered!

    Really appreciate your attempt to spread the message to the society and job is not completing by giving just comment to writer. It is to be shared! 🙂

    Re blogging it. 🙂

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